Meet The Cast

  A chance to meet the cast of “Murder; A Fete Worse Than Death”.

The fete host this year is Sir Duncan B’Iskette, but will his preparations for the event in the grounds of the Manor House prove adequate? What’s the ‘betting’ they won’t?


Hugh Rynal, village plumber and proud creator of a water feature at the Manor. Will it be popular with visitors, or prove to be just a damp squib


Father O’Field – just how accurate are his biblical quotes, and does his family history really go back to King Edward?


Raffle coordinator, Tait Pot-Luck. Her personal life has been something of a lottery, in which she has rarely had any winning tickets!


Crystal Bawl. Fortune teller? She couldn’t predict the arrival of the 5:28 from Victoria, but then who can these days….


Paige Turner, librarian at the Manor House and self appointed advisor and ‘confidente’ to Sir Duncan.


In charge of the hog roast is former St Cleve centre fold Ms Sue Pinner-Bowle. Don’t mention the photo shoot or she’ll give you a basting.


The fete treasurer, local bank manager Nathan West. Client confidentiality is just one of his not so strong points!


Reggie Tibble, local market gardener and prize vegetable competitor. He always had the largest entry………until aphids, pests, and diseases got the better of his plot.